Energy Healing

Crickhollow is home to two energy healing practices. Rosemary Crick offers Reiki and Tea from our Reiki Guest House and healing Pine Walk. We are also blessed to share our space with Roxana Roshon, a toxicologist by training and healer by passion and choice.


Rosemary Crick, Reiki master.

Reiki sessions available: Monday to Friday.
Sessions last 1 hour at a rate of $6 per session.
Learn more about Rosemary's Reiki practice.

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Roxana Roshon, PhD.

Naturotherapist, Holistic Energy Practitioner Ph.D. in Toxicology, Registered with the Academy of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists of Canada (A.N.N.)
Learn more about Roxana's energy practice.


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About Crickhollow.

Crickhollow is the home of Rosemary Crick and Ken Bryson. Crickhollow is located in beautiful Grey County, Ontario, close to the village of Neustadt. Crickhollow is also known as a biodynamic farm, event venue, and now a place of energy healing.