Reiki (Rei - spirit, ki - energy) allows you to enter into a state of deep physical and mental relaxation. It is a nourishing time to open to the sources of healing within yourself.

Rosemary Crick, Reiki master, will guide you to this tranquil place and then bring you back with a cup of tea and a grounding walk through the pine trees.

Reiki sessions available: Monday to Friday.

Sessions last 1 hour. Pricing is $60 per session.

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Distance Reiki

For a distance Reiki session we chose a time either in the evening when you can fall asleep for the night or during the day when you have an hour or so for some time to rest. We start on the phone together with a chat about how you are doing. I then help you get all cosy wherever you have chosen to have your session making sure that you are comfortable with blankets and pillows. Then I say a guided meditation. After that we hang up the phone and I send you distance reiki for about 40 minutes. That way if you fall asleep you don't need to worry about hanging up the phone! Payment is by e transfer.



Words from my clients

"After the reiki session with Rosemary I left feeling peaceful and calm- like I was floating. It was exactly what I needed that in that moment. Her space offers a sense of serenity and Rosemary held space for me in a way that was non-judgemental and very welcoming."    - Nicole

"I felt more clear in my mind and deeply calm after the session and the warmth from Rosemary's hands was like beams of sunlight"    - Marc Fortin, RMT


Reiki Training

As a Reiki Master certified through the Canadian Reiki Association, Rosemary offers Reiki training for those who are interested in deepening their Reiki experience.

Learn more about Reiki Training.


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Rosemary is a member of the Canadian Reiki Association.

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About Crickhollow.

Crickhollow is the home of Rosemary Crick and Ken Bryson. Crickhollow is located in beautiful Grey County, Ontario, close to the village of Neustadt. Crickhollow is also known as a biodynamic farm, event venue, and now a place of energy healing.